Poem 3

I literally just wrote this sporadically. *I am aware that ‘ones’ isn’t exactly the right word or even a word, the thing is idec*

This ones for my kids

If on my death bed I find myself after a spiritually pleasing life with an ultimate epiphany

An epiphany answering all questions about life and mortality

I would not share it

If on my death bed i find myself with a lingering human soul beside me

Hanging on my every word for a nugget of gold waiting to just be regurgitated inhumanely for generations of generations of ears

To be shared and acknowledged as wisdom

And to be sighed and nodded upon at a gathering as the last will of a mother, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, a grandmother, a great-grandmother and even a friend (even though i never considered myself to be a friend to anyone)

Or to be passed down as a family heirloom

I will not utter a word


For i have shared every little piece of me

To you my darlings and my love

And my dear mother

And my dear father

And my dear brothers and sisters

Bounded to me by blood or by religion or by race or simply because we are human.

Each one of you i have handed an inexpensive piece of my ever changing mind

During my life or in my prayers

(for this is a prayer)

Keep it dearly to your heart

Or take it as a penultimate life lesson if you will

As i have saved nothing of myself

But shared and spread out across the world

Despite the intention that

This ones for my kids

Second Poem

It is that time of the month

When a young may feel like she’s giving birth

to the world, the older ones reminded of a past


A feminine life is a precious life

A feminine life is a beautiful life

A life full of trials and tribulations

And every moment waiting to be painted

Into a manipulative poetic conceit


For The Sake of Allah (SWT)

The Divine says not to tell others of

your encountered misfortune once the stars in

the sky appear,

the age old lonesome moon reclaims his

rightful place in the night sky almost greeting

his young, bright students

Once premature ones doze off in a mother’s

warm welcoming lap and eyelids get heavy

Once all talk turn to a jumble of minute

and giant Z’s

Do not tell anyone of any adventures embarked turned sour, oh faithful one! Because silence is the language of God and you are His creation.


In the Name of Allah (SWT), the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, all praise and thanks are due to Allah, Lord of the Realms and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger (SAW) and upon all his family and companions.

May Allah grant me a healthy and successful life full of prosperity and may Allah forgive me for my sins. Ameen.